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All of a sudden, lots of us are working from home. And many of us are ginning up “home offices” at the kitchen table, on the floor, on the sofa, in bed, and in whatever other space is available and not already taken by someone else in our households. Which is fine for a week or so. But since this new normal may last for several weeks, this arrangement could ultimately be a recipe for back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and all kinds of other ailments. The solution? Maybe its time to invest now in ergonomic office equipment. Here’s how to make your home office ergonomic right now, with tips we’ve rounded up from the experts on the subject. The best ergonomic home office furniture, including desks, chairs, mouse pads, mouses and monitors.

the new normal may require a home office equipment upgrade

If you’re in week three or four of the new work-from-home regime, you may have an achy back. Or neck. Or wrists. Because most of us haven’t given a huge amount of thought to ergonomics in our home offices.

This was just supposed to be two weeks, right? No need to invest in proper equipment when this is temporary . . . 

how to make an ergonomic home office right now

How to make an ergonomic home office with the right furniture now.

Well, dear reader, it appears that we’re talking many weeks of this WFH regime. And the best self-care means not injuring yourself by working at a home office set-up that isn’t well thought-out. If you’re used to being in an office where someone else has already figured out the best chair, mouse and mousepad and lighting, you might be surprised to learn how much thought and science go into office furniture purchases.


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If you’re a novice, it’s time to get smart about ergonomic home office equipment. And even if you’re an expert, it might be time for an upgrade.

how to make an ergonomic home office right now

How to make an ergonomic home office with the right furniture now.

How to Make Your Home Office Ergonomically Sound

Here are some of the best examples of ergonomic home office furniture and accessories. These are the essentials to make #WFH as comfortable, calming and safe as possible. ‘Cause we’re in this for the long haul.

The Office Chair

The essentials for ergonomic home office furniture begin with the desk chair you’re using. The Mayo Clinic says that the most important criteria is choosing a chair that supports your spinal curves. Once you’ve found the right one, make sure the height ensures that your feet can rest easily on the floor.


The O.G. of ergonomic home office chairs is the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. It has adjustable lumbar support, as well as an adjustable seat and armrests, and three different size options.

home office ergonomic equipment

BUY NOW $1,372.


A newer entrant in the ergonomic home office chair category that also wins rave reviews is the Humanscale Freedom Chair with headrest. Described by The New York Times as “the gold standard in office seating,” this chair automatically adapts to the user, allowing them to move freely from posture to posture.

home office ergonomic equipment

BUY NOW $1,169.


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the office desk or work table

Whether you’re sitting at an actual desk, the kitchen table, or some other work surface, it’s important to be sure that the height is right for you. The Mayo Clinic advises that we make sure there’s comfortable clearance for knees, thighs and feet. If the desktop is too high or low, adjust as needed, either by propping up the legs of the table, or raising the height of your chair.


We love the look of this versatile Uplift V2 reclaimed wood desk as an ergonomic option for a home office. With lumber sourced from construction projects, old mills, and even whiskey stills, it’s adjustable, so it can serve as a sitting desk or a standing desk.

home office ergonomic equipment



BUY NOW $984.


For a totally different vibe in an ergonomic home office desk, consider this Channing Desk from Jonathan Alder. The name is a homage to Margo Channing, Bette Davis’s character in All About EveJust make sure your chair height is adjusted properly, as this one’s not adjustable.



BUY NOW $1,950.


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the computer monitor

Ergonomically, the experts say that we should place our monitor directly in front of us, about an arm’s length away. PC Magazine advises that if you have room on your desk, a 27-inch or larger display delivers a big-screen experience at a reasonable price. If space is not a constraint, you might opt for an ultra-wide screen, anywhere from 29 to 49 inches – they come with the option for curved and non-curved panels.


Rated the best for “ergonomically-minded business workers” by PC Magazine, NEC’s MultiSync EA271F-BK 27″ monitor checks a number of boxes: ultra-thin bezels, high color accuracy, and a wide range of ergonomic controls.

BUY NOW $379


Another PC Magazine Editor’s Pick, the Philips Brilliance 499P9H offers a winning combination of a gigantic, ultra-wide curved screen and and extras like a Windows Hello-compatible webcam and a built-in KVM switch.

BUY NOW  $1,386.31.

the computer keyboard


The highest-rated ergonomic computer keyboard is this one from Logitech. The ERGO K860 Split Bluetooth or USB Keyboard isn’t flat – instead, its elevated on both the front and back ends. This provides more comfort by allowing our hands to rest in a natural position while typing. The wrist pad features three layers of material to help reduce wrist strain.



BUY NOW $129.99.


The Kinesis Freestyle2 ($99) is available for both Mac and Windows and offers a cool two-piece design, allowing users to position both their hands and each half as they see fit to reduce shoulder strain and neck tension. If you want an even higher level of performance, go with the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RBG, which features responsive Cherry MX mechanical keys, zero-degree slope and lots of options for customization. It’s made for gamers, but business folk are allowed to join in the fun, too.



BUY NOW $199.

the mousepad

The Mayo Clinic says the following about the best ergonomic computer mouse and mouse pad for a home office: “Place your mouse within easy reach and on the same surface as your keyboard. While typing or using your mouse, keep your wrists straight, your upper arms close to your body, and your hands at or slightly below the level of your elbows. If possible, adjust the sensitivity of the mouse so you can use a light touch to operate it.”


For a home office, one of the best options is this ergonomic 3M Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest. The brand claims that it can extend your mouse’s battery life by up to 70%, thanks to its light-colored, micro-grooved surface. Which requires your mouse to draw less current than on normal surfaces.


BUY NOW $16.89.


Another of the best ergonomic mouse pads is this Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest.


BUY NOW  $15.99.

the mouse


Hailed as “the best mouse that’s ergonomically-focused,” Logitech’s MX Vertical promises up to a 10 percent reduction in muscle strain. Its natural wrist positioning forces you to rest your hand in a position that is more conducive to long-term wrist health.



For sheer visual impact, we couldn’t resist including the Razer DeathAdder Chroma ergonomic mouse. Made for gaming, but certainly allowed in our humble home offices, this way-cool mouse has 16.8 million customizable color options, including electric blue and pastel pink.



BUY NOW $69.

The Telephone

The experts say its important to place your phone on speaker or use a headset. Rather than falling into the habit of cradling your phone between your head and neck while you try to type on your computer keyboard.


The New York Times Wirecutter says that the Plantronics Voyager 5200 is the best Bluetooth headset on the market right now. It has “the right balance of stellar sound quality, long battery life, impressive Bluetooth range, and comfortable fit.”



BUY NOW $92.89.


Wirecutter recommends the Jabra Evolve 75 as the best choice for a wireless USB headset for people who make frequent calls and want the flexibility to get up from their computer while on a call. “It offers surprisingly good audio quality, has a balanced sound signature, and is comfortable enough to wear for an entire workday.” 



BUY NOW $329.


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the desk accessories

Experts recommend keeping key desk accesories — staplers, frequently-used files, pens and pencils — close to your body to minimize reaching. And make sure that you have ample lighting at multiple levels in your work space.


To get you started, here’s an example of a sleek and simple set of desk accessories that will keep everything in reach.


the Best Home Office Ergonomic Equipment

That’s it! Some of the best ergonomic home office furniture, including desks, monitors, mouses, mouse pads and chairs right now. If you have to WFH, you owe it to yourself to do it as comfortably and safely as possible, dear reader. 

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