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If you are in New York (NYC), what are the best places to go to if you are looking for a facial massage? We’ve rounded up the top luxury spas in NYC for the ultimate facial experience, including FaceGlow, Georgia Louise, Stretch*d and more.

what the top luxury spas for the ultimate facial experience in NYC?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the benefits of facial massage. Being touted as a natural alternative to Botox, these sessions are credited with near-miraculous power: they can ease pain and tension, make skin appear firmer and younger, and even smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. What’s not to love?

Of course, there are many different kinds of facial massage – among them, lymphatic drainage, Gua Sha, reflexology, and more – and you’re going to want to leave the application of them to the experts. After all, our faces are pretty important to us – we want to make sure they’re in hands that are even better than our own.

That’s why we’re recommending ten places for you to go in New York for the very best facial massages. These experts make use of the newest, most effective treatments, and you may be surprised at what a big difference they can make. Here’s where to go in NYC for the top luxury spas with the ultimate facial experience, including FaceGlow, Georgia Louise, Stretch*d and more. Perhaps grab your girls and make it a day out with your best friends!

11 best spas for a luxury facial in NYC

1. FaceGlow

If you’re interested in the anti-aging and face-lifting capabilities of the face massage, you must check out Face Glow. Not only do they believe in facial massage’s ability to restore collagen, eliminate wrinkles, and improve elasticity, but they also offer four different treatments. For this reason, Face Glow may be the place for you if you’re new to the practice – their estheticians can help you figure out which treatment is right for you and your face. They offer Sculptural Face Lifting Massage ($150-$180), Myofascial Lifting Massage ($180-$220) Gua Sha ($140), and even Kinezio Fascial Body Lifting Massage ($200-$250), which applies the principles of facial massage to the whole body. You can’t go wrong.

2. Stretch*d

If you’re looking to relax, look to Stretch*d. Their face massages – also known as face*ssages –incorporate the head, neck, and shoulders for maximum tension relief. All sessions are designed to also help beautify – using techniques that drain, tighten, and lift the face – but you can also add a Gua Sha service for extra contouring. Both their 35-minute ($88) and 50-minute ($125) sessions have been noted to reduce tension headaches and stress, and we know you’ll be an instant fan.

best facial massages in New York

10 places to go in New York (NYC) for the very best facial massages.

3. Georgia Louise

If all this talk of facial massages has you craving a regular old facial, you must check out Georgia Louise. Her luxury facials incorporate her signature “Lift and Sculpt Massage,” as well as any number of skin treatments selected specially to suit your skin. Your esthetician will analyze your skin, and choose between modalities such as LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, negative-ion oxygen therapy, and yes – lymphatic drainage and massage. Facials start at $390.

4. Uplift Spa

“You’ll probably fall asleep and wake up feeling younger.” This is the tagline at Uplift Spa, and honestly, we’re not sure we’ve ever heard a more compelling advertisement. Uplift’s natural face lift massage incorporates elements of Ayurvedic medicine, and is also sometimes known as the Mehta Face Lift Massage. It’s gentle, relaxing, and always safe, and will work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines. Each treatment is one hour, and costs $185; packages are also available, and recommended for maximum results.

5. Yuzu Spa

Yuzu Spa offers both stress relief care and face-lifting massages, as well as combo treatments that work to address all points of concern simultaneously. Their services also incorporate facials, micro-currents, lymphatic drainage, eye strain relief, and even body massage. Find the treatment that matches the kind of care you have been looking for, and book the session length that works for you. Session lengths range from fifty minutes, to a quality two-and-a-half hours.

6. Facial Therapy New York

We love Facial Therapy New York, because they aim to address any and all ailments that your face could possibly have. As well as facials, acne healing, pore cleansing, anti-pollution treatments, and many more offerings, they of course are purveyors of the non-invasive deep facial massage. These sessions are $325 for one hour of work, and they work to stimulate actin-myosin and oxygenate muscular cells. They can be used to complement injections, or on their own – you’ll feel the benefits right away. You can receive other facials for $250 and up.

7. Angela Guerra

Angela Guerra is an esteemed esthetician, offering facials, massages, spa treatments, and of course, the reason why you’re all here: facial massages. You can choose between a lymphatic drainage massage and, as Guerra calls it, facial reflexology. These fifty-minute treatments incorporate acupressure, which in turn activates your body’s natural healing mechanisms and promotes both physical and emotional well-being. You’ll emerge with a clearer complexion, and a clearer mind.

8. Inderma Studio

Inderma Studio offers a variety of beauty treatments for the face, including a Gua Sha balancing facial. With techniques that may remind some of acupuncture, Gua Sha works to open the channels in the face in such a way that releases muscle tension and improves the appearance of fine lines. A treatment is $190 for sixty minutes, and you’ll leave feeling brand new.

9. ANSO Med Spa by Ann + Sofia

If you’ve heard of meridian lymphatic facial massage and you’re curious about it, ANSO Med Spa by Ann and Sofia is one place where you can give this popular treatment a try. Their Meridian Lymphatic Detoxify Facial incorporates massage as well as exfoliants, contouring and hydration. The treatment is relaxing as well as beautifying, and is known to reduce puffiness and inflammation, improve circulation, remove toxins, and even reduce fine lines. Though facial massage is being discussed as an alternative to injections, treatments like this one can also be used as an excellent companion.

10. Carrie Lindsey Beauty

Carrie Lindsey is so renowned for her face and beauty work, she was even written up in The New York Times. As well as custom facials, she offers a variety of services that incorporate facial massage, including her signature: “The Treatment.”  For $475, clients will receive the benefits of Lindsey’s background in core energetics, as well as a rejuvenating facial. The Treatment will promote not only physical relaxation, but also emotional – it is designed to help break down any internal blockages. There are few facial massages that promise such a profound or noticeable impact – if you’re looking for a way to kickstart some personal growth, start here.

11. Vasilica Strat Skin Care

Our last entry on the list of the best luxury facial destinations in NYC is a true insider’s secret. A close friend heard about this from a friend, and says it was the best facial she’s ever had. It lasted two hours! The setting is not particularly fancy but the results are superb. Text Vali for an appointment at (718) 986-1227.

best luxury facial spa in NYC

That’s where to go in NYC for the top luxury spas with the ultimate facial experience, including FaceGlow, Georgia Louise, Stretch*d and more.

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