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Uggs have come back – surely you got that memo a year ago, right? We confess, our first thought at the prospect of seeing them on the feet of everyone everywhere was . . . ugh!!!! But a year into it, we’re down with this idea. And we’re happy to report that there’s a fresh new wave of on trend Ugg boots: tall Uggs. TikTok has decreed that in 2024, the tall Ugg boot is the hot look, and we’ve got the rundown on the styles that will be most popular this year.

the ugg boot is back . . . but without the ugh!!!!

Uggs have come roaring back as an on-trend fashion style in the past 18 months. And why not? We’re living in an intensely nostalgic moment, where the films, foods, and fashions from former eras have been staging epic comebacks. The early aughts? Apparently, we really miss them.

Uggs are back on trend and there are new fresh ways to wear Ugg boots in lots of styles, including minis, tall versions, platforms, sequins.

Uggs are still on trend and for 2024, TikTok says the tall Ugg boot is the must-have fashion accessory.

Back to Uggs. These super-comfy shoes have always been a little controversial – the word Ugg, after all, is two letters away from ‘ugly.’ Nevertheless, they’re back. And they are being plastered all over our social media feeds (reminding us of middle school) and being photographed with everything from loungewear to casual winter dresses.

Luckily, these fuzzy winter boots are not exactly the same as they were fifteen years ago. Uggs have been given some wonderful upgrades, and we have to say – we are really loving what we see. Especially these days, when comfort is key, nothing seems more appealing than slipping our feet into a soft and reliable pair of shoes.

the tall ugg boot is the 2024 tiktok footwear trend of note

“Tall Uggs are the next cool-girl Ugg,” declared Casey Lewis on TikTok—and she wasn’t alone. Esther Povitsky, a comedian who built her TikTok platform as the “Jane Goodall of Hot Girls”—which sounds like a bit, but feels very accurate—said the same in an interview with Variety.

“Tall Uggs are a big thing that’s coming that people are not going to be ready for, for sure. Like, RIP Ultra-Mini Uggs,” Povitsky said. “We’re shifting back to tall Uggs. I think if you want to get a hot girl a gift this season, an Ugg-related gift, the Tall Boot is really where you want to go. Everyone’s already cycled through the Slip-Ons and Ultra-Minis.”

7 fresh ways to style the tall ugg boot fashion trend

1. classic dipper boot.

UGG Classic Dipper boots are the brand’s first sock boot, featuring a thick platform and a neoprene, calf-hugging silhouette. They also have a zipper, unlike classic UGGs. With a sheepskin lining, and an easy-to-wear foam footbed, these are reminding us why we used to love Uggs so much. They’re designed for maximum comfort. And with cute colors like black, chestnut, shaded clover and sand, you can find the pair that fits best into your wardrobe.

Uggs are on trend and for 2024, TikTok has decreed that tall Ugg boots are best


BUY NOW: $118.99.

2. bailey bow tall II.

UGG’s website says “we added silky bows to our icon for a sweet, feminine look that’s always been a fan fave. ” The Bailey Bow Tall II is crafted with soft sheepskin; its a water resistant, stain resistant boot with a tough but flexible Treadlite sole.” They currently come in two colors – black and chestnut. We predict there will be more colorways coming soon!


BUY NOW: $240.

3. sunburst tall.

Available exclusively from UGG stores and the brand’s website, “the Sunburst Tall features the brand’s signature Twinface sheepskin with plush spill seams.” We love the options for contrasting trim on this boot: chestnut and ivory shearling; black piping on grey; or the always-right black on black.


Uggs are on trend and for 2024, TikTok has decreed that tall Ugg boots are best


BUY NOW: $250.

4. classic tall II.

Available in black, chestnut and Burnt Cedar (our favorite), these are called classic for a reason.



BUY NOW: $200.

5. bailey button triplet II.


Uggs are on trend and for 2024, TikTok has decreed that tall Ugg boots are best


BUY NOW: $153.99.

6. adirondack III tall boot.

These are serious boots for serious winter weather. Available in only two colors, chestnut and black, we think the black version is incredibly chic. They’re a slightly softer, more plush version of a classic stompy biker boot.

BUY NOW: $325.

7.  classic ultra ultra tall boot.

Who doesn’t love options? Any true fashionista wants to style their boots any which way. With its Classic Ultra Ultra Tall boot, UGG allows each of us to make the tall Ugg boot trend our own. The super-tall silhouette features “a convertible shaft with four zip-off sections so you can wear it your way.”


Uggs are on trend and for 2024, TikTok has decreed that tall Ugg boots are best

BUY NOW: $419.99.

fresh new ways to style the tall ugg boot trend

Uggs are back on trend and the ultimate trend for 2024 is the tall Ugg boot. Who says comfortable can’t also be chic? What do you think, dear reader?

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