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Do you have an early adopter tech junkie in your life who loves to geek out on all the latest gear and gadgets? If so, and you’re looking for the perfect gift to please them, we’ve got lots of ideas to help get you started. Here is our curated our annual Christmas holiday luxury gift shop of what to buy among the best new tech gear and gadgets, including the most wanted smart phones, accessories and wearables.

what are the best luxury gifts to shop in new tech gear and gadgets this holiday?

Do you have a tech junkie in your life who geeks out on all the latest gadgets? One of the ones who are already on a waiting list for the next brand new shiny toy months before it hits the stores?

Holiday Luxury Gift Shop of the Best New Tech Gear and Gadgets

Our annual holiday luxury gift shop with the best gifts in new tech gear and gadgets.

They can spout off release dates of the new Apple products and detail how they’ve changed from last year’s model. This breed is pretty hard to keep up with and admittedly, very intimidating to shop for when the holidays roll around.

On the other hand, maybe some of the friends in your circle (or some of your family members) are Luddites, who are still kicking and screaming about entering the digital age. They rail against anything new, but could clearly benefit from a few lifestyle upgrades.

Our holiday luxury gift shop of the best new tech gear and gadgets

Our holiday luxury gift shop of the best new tech gear and gadgets.

No matter where the people on your holiday gift list might be on this spectrum, we’ve combed through the latest new consumer tech and electronics gear and gadgets. We’ve found luxury holiday gear and gadget gifts that are user-friendly enough for the tech novices, and compelling enough for the tech gurus. We also placed an emphasis on products that can fit seamlessly into their lifestyles and not complicate them (we’re looking at you, Bluetooth coffee mug.)

Holiday Luxury Gift Shop: the Best in New Tech Gear and Gadgets

Here’s our annual holiday luxury gift shop for the best new tech gear and gadgets in a wide range of categories, including wearables; accessories; travel; smart home décor; beauty and personal care; and fun and games. Let the gifting begin!

1. Hightide Hard Shell Travel Case

Available in small, medium and laptop sizes, this new Hard Shell Travel Case from Japanese brand Hightide is an elegant and effective way to protect favorite devices. Made from shock-resistant polycarbonate, with a felt microfiber interior, the design is inspired by the shape of traditional rolling suitcases. And it utilizes the same material used by many high-end luggage brands.

Christmas and holiday gift guide for 2021 with the best ideas for luxury gifts in new tech gear and gadgets for her, him and them.

BUY NOW: $20.00 – 48.00, depending on size.

2. Embr Wave 2: Temperature-Control Bracelet

An updated version, this Embr Wave 2 Temperature-Control Bracelet features a rounded design that’s said to be more comfortable on the wrist than the original. In what sounds like a sci-fi plot, here’s how this bestselling device works. The battery-powered thermoelectric heat pump moves heat away or toward the skin, sending comfort-level signals to the brain. The result? The wearer feels cooler or warmer, based on their preference.

BUY NOW: $349.00.

3. Ziip GX Facial Device

For the early adopter who’s also a tech maven on your gift list, you’ll win lots of plaudits for giving one of the sleekest new offerings in beauty tech. The ZIIP GX facial device utilizes nanocurrent and microcurrent to deliver skin that gets better with every use. Downloading the ZIIP App allows users to choose the results they want for their skin on any given day. For example, the Energize treatment is an all-encompassing facial that contours, firms, and tightens.

BUY NOW: $495.00.

4. CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

The CurrentBody LED light therapy mask is the first of its kind: a wearable anti-aging technology made of flexible (and easy to clean) silicone. The device deploys anti-aging red and near infra-red light therapy to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (by 35% in just 4 weeks in a clinical study). Light therapy can also help stimulate collagen production and soothe chronic skin inflammation like rosacea.


BUY NOW: $349.00.

5. Apple AirPods (third generation).

Apple has unveiled the latest iteration of their iconic AirPods, and anyone who’s deep into tech is going to want a pair. The third generation AirPods feature spatial audio and incredible sound, extended battery life, and a new design (the stem is shorter than the previous generation).

holiday gift guide of the best new tech gear and gadgets of 2021

BUY NOW: $179.00.

6. the new Apple Macbook Pro

Apple also unveiled two new versions of its top-of-the-line laptop, the Macbook Pro. There are 14-inch and 16-inch versions, and the company says that because they’re powered by M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, they’re a lot faster than laptops that use Intel chips. They also have extended battery life – the 14-inch will play video for 14 hours, and the 16-inch can handle 21 hours straight. Fans of earlier models will be happy to know that this new edition features a MagSafe magnetic connector.

BUY NOW: $$1,999.00 for 14-inch; from $2,499.00 for the 16-inch.

7. Samsung The Freestyle HDR Smart Portable Projector

The new Freestyle smart theater-to-go from Samsung moves wherever the party is (or will be soon). Point and play on the wall, ceiling or other flat surface. The Freestyle automatically sets up the best picture experience, adjusting focus, keystone and leveling.

holiday luxury gift shop of best new tech gear and gadgets

BUY NOW: $900.00.

8. TEAC TN-400BTSEWA Bluetooth Turntable

Listen to vinyl LP records wirelessly with this TEAC TN-400BTSEWA Bluetooth® Turntable.

Christmas and holiday gift guide for 2021 with the best ideas for luxury gifts in new tech gear and gadgets for her, him and them.

BUY NOW: $500.00.

9. Apple HomePod Mini in a bold new color

Among the new tech products released just in time for the Christmas 2021 holiday gift season by Apple are fun happy new colors for its smart speaker, the HomePod Mini. Previously only available in white and dark grey, this holiday it will also be available in orange, yellow, and blue.



holiday gift guide of the best new tech gear and gadgets of 2021


BUY NOW: $99.00.

10. Google Pixel 6 smartphone

After years of dabbling in the smartphone market, Google now seems ready to play to win. The launch of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro has been hailed as a signal that there’s a company willing to compete with Apple and Samsung in the smartphone arena. For the first time, Google’s phones are powered by the company’s own chip instead of Qualcomm’s processor. The new Tensor chip enables unique software features. For example, the “Magic Eraser” feature allows you to remove items from photos, like a photobomber or an object in the background. Personally, we love the design and the chic black bar that brands this new device.

Photo Courtesy Google.

BUY NOW: Pixel 6 from $599.00. Pixel 6 Pro from $899.00.

11. Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Come on, everybody wants one: the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro is the it luxury tech gift of this holiday season. Best of all? It comes in this gorgeous deep purple color. Yes, please!

holiday luxury gift shop of best new tech gear and gadgets



BUY NOW: from $999.00.

12. 24-inch iMac

But wait! That’s not all. The new, strikingly thin 24-inch iMac with M1 chip comes with options for memory, storage, keyboard type, and more. And one of the seven colors available is . . . wait for it . .  . pink. The ultimate holiday 2021 gift for anyone whose favorite color is pink. We really, really want one of these. Did you hear that, family members?

Christmas holiday gift guide 2021 with best gifts in every shade of pink


BUY NOW: $1,499.00.

holiday luxury gift shop of the best new tech gear and gadgets

That’s our take on what to buy as the best holiday luxury gift in tech gear and gadgets right now.  What’s at the top of your list, dear reader? Happy shopping!

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