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What’s the best luxury Christmas holiday gift for the person who is active and serious about fitness, whether they prefer a home workout, the great outdoors or a socially distanced return to the gym?  Here’s our luxury gift shop filled with ideas on what to buy this holiday for those who are serious about fitness and the great outdoors, whether their passion is hiking, yoga, running or their home gym. And hey – you might want to buy a couple of these for yourself, too!

what are the best luxury holiday gifts to shop for fitness, hiking, running and yoga this year?

Just about everyone has a serious fitness buff on their gift list. Or someone who is happiest when they’re hiking, kayaking or otherwise doing something outdoors.

This is a gift guide for those friends and family members we secretly love to hate. Your best friend who’s always checking in to see if you want to join her for a run. The co-worker who swears by the yoga studio near the office and comes back from lunch glowing with endorphins. Your spouse who is turning the spare room into a personal home gym. We know you know what we mean.

We all have people in our lives who are living an active lifestyleand loving it. And if we’re honest, we actually do adore them for it. They inspire us with their energy, enthusiasm and positive outlook.

Our luxury gift shop with the best holiday gifts for fitness and the outdoors, including running, yoga, hiking, home gym equipment and more.

Our luxury gift shop with the best holiday gifts for fitness and the outdoors, including running, yoga, hiking, home gym equipment and more.

If you have a fitness or outdoor fanatic in your life, this curated gift shop is just for them. It’s full of suggestions about what to buy for a luxury Christmas holiday gift in fitness and the outdoors this year. Beyond holidays and birthdays, you can also show them how much you care by celebrating their fitness milestones. Whether they’re getting endorphins from a vigorous hike, hot yoga or streaming you-tube fitness videos at home, there is something here that will delight everyone on your list.

Luxury Holiday Gift Shop: the 23 Best in Fitness and the Outdoors

Here’s our annual luxury gift shop with the best holiday gifts for those who love fitness and the outdoors, including running, yoga, hiking, home gym equipment and more.

Luxury Holiday Gift shop For Hiking and the Outdoors

What’s the best luxury holiday gift for folks who love the great outdoors? Rain or shine, they’re always up for an adventure and never say no to a challenge. And in a highly unscientific survey of our friends, we have concluded that they also seem to be very fond of earth tones and own lots of gear that is not always the most stylish, shall we say. That’s where you come in to save the day (at least from a sartorial perspective).

1. Giro Aether Spherical Helmet

The latest iteration of the high-tech Aether Spherical bike helmet from Giro is both gorgeous and highly functional. Sure, you might still have “hat hair” – but it’ll be worth it.

holiday gift guide 2021 best in personal fitness

BUY NOW: $188.00 – $300.00.

2. Sirrus 2.0 Expert Carbon bike from Specialized

Finally, a fitness bike that doesn’t sacrifice form for function! This Specialized Sirrus 2.0 Expert Carbon bike features high quality FACT 9r carbon fiber construction that’s lightweight and extremely responsive. The new “Future Shock” technology – developed in partnership with Maclaren Labs – delivers better smoothness, speed, and comfort than previous models. And you have to love this Arctic Blue and Gray colorway.

luxury holiday gift shop fitness and outdoors

BUY NOW: $775.00.

3. Osprey Skarab 22 Hiking Backpack

A great holiday gift for those on your list who love hiking is a new backpack. This hydrating hiking backpack is lightweight, durable and includes a 2.5 liter reservoir, featuring a wide-mouth, bucket-style main compartment. There are several features that make staying hydrated, being hands-free and having easy access to trail snacks a breeze.

holiday gift shop best in fitness and outdoors

BUY NOW: $120.00.

4. On Cloudrock Hiking Boots

On Running is moving from being an insider’s brand to the mainstream. And for hikers, a perfect introduction to the brand is The Cloudrock Waterproof. This high-top, lightweight hiking shoe is built for traction, speed and support on tough terrain. And it looks cool, too.

BUY NOW: $229.99.

5. Bote’s Zeppelin Aero 12′6″ Classic Inflatable Kayak

What to buy as a holiday gift for your friend who’s into fitness?  How about a kayak made for two? The Zeppelin is BOTE’s most versatile kayak with a self-draining hull, removable floor chamber, and an optional second seat.

BUY NOW: $1,199.00.

6. GoPro HERO 11

Small, simple, and full of performance, GoPro’s Hero 11 is a versatile camera created to capture your most immersive videos. Made for the outdoors, the camera comes with a cool-weather enduro battery, hypersmooth stabilization, and is waterproof.

BUY NOW: $299.99.

Luxury Christmas Holiday Gift Shop for Yogis and Yoga Lovers

Is your loved one one of the 36 million Americans who practice yoga? Check out these luxury holiday gift ideas in yoga. These will ensure that the special yogaholic in your life can keep going with the flow. 

7. Ondo Yoga/Pilates Socks

Ondo’s new Toe Grip socks are designed for yoga, Pilates and barre. They’ve been engineered for maximum comfort, stretch and movement control, With patented anti-slip technology, air-cooling fabric, toe holes and a no-slide promise, they’re an ideal accessory.

holiday gift guide 2021 best in yoga and personal fitness

BUY NOW: $24.00.

8. Yoga Zeal Tie-Dye Printed Yoga Mat

Stay on trend with this ’70’s-inspired pink tie-dyed yoga mat from Yoga Zeal. They’re also available in several more colors and prints, so you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your loved one.

holiday gift guide 2021 best in yoga and personal fitness

BUY NOW: $79.00.

9. Mache Yoga Mat Tube

This sleek essential for yogis is the perfect gift for those practicing at home. yoga mat stand has been fashioned to fit into the tight corners of apartments and studios. The tube is made of recycled paper, with a wooden end cap – it’s an eco-friendly way to keep workout spaces clean and mats ready to unroll. There are lots of prints and patterns, and we love this Agate Stack the most – it has just a touch of metallic gold detailing for a celebratory vibe.

holiday gift guide 2021 best in yoga and personal fitness

BUY NOW: $108.00.

10. Yoga Wall Art

Leah Duncan’s “We Rise” print is a unique piece of wall art that was created in honor of International Women’s Day, showcasing women in various strength, yoga, and stretching poses. The print comes in two sizes, 11×14 and 20×16, and comes framed and ready to hang up in any fitness lover’s home.

BUY NOW: $128.00 or $205.00.

11. Aamina Yoga Tote

Strut into yoga with ease. The Aamina Yoga Tote is the perfect durable yoga bag made to carry all of your essentials, including your mat. With a large interior pocket, smaller pockets, and a place to store your mat, the bag is functional and sleek and will be well-received by any yogi who’s lucky enough to receive it as a gift.

BUY NOW – $119.00.

Luxury Christmas Holiday Gift shop for Exercise Studio Mavens

For the friend who can’t live without their boutique exercise studio classes, we’ve got luxury holiday gift ideas to support their serious commitment to fitness and exercise. With most studios back up and running, help them stay safe and stylish whether they’re spinning, boxing or dancing.

12. ClassPass Gift Card

ClassPass is the go-to app for booking fitness classes anytime, anywhere. A gift card will surely be welcomed by anyone who loves going to the gym.

BUY NOW: $87.95.

13. Google Pixel Watch

Track your fitness with the Google Pixel Watch. The watch seamlessly works with Google and Fitbit, providing you with the apps needed for top fitness performance.

BUY NOW: $349.99

14. Perfect hair Day™Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo

Never go another moment without clean hair with Living Proof’s Perfect hair Day™ Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo. The pint-sized dry shampoo is a must-have accessory for those who squeeze in a class in between work meetings, appointments, and school pickups. 

BUY NOW: $18.00.

Luxury Christmas Holiday Gift shop for Runners

If you need a gift for someone born to run, here are some stellar choices to make sure that they’re never running on empty (full disclosure – our Founder and CEO is on the board of Peloton Interactive).

15. Peloton Tread

Help your gift recipient take their overall fitness to a whole new level with the Peloton Tread. With live classes and thousands more on demand, they can walk, run, and then step off the bike and swivel the screen for floor work, free weight training and more.

luxury gift shop for those who love running

BUY NOW: $3,495.00.

16. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

The beats are even better with Apple’s AirPods Pro (2nd Generation). Get lost in a runner’s high with these sweat and water-resistant headphones that last for up to six hours without a single charge. They also have a noise-cancelation feature (but be mindful of safety while running).

BUY NOW: $249.00.

17. Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller.

This jogging stroller will ensure that you’re the Holiday Hero if you have a new mom who also loves to run outside. This lightweight, all-terrain stroller works for jogging or just strolling. And the little darling inside will be happy in the reclining seat, with its padded 5-point harness and ventilation. Family time, good cardio workout and fresh air for the baby – win-win-win!

luxury holiday gift shop best for runners and personal fitness

BUY NOW: $599.95.

18. Tracksmith Inverno Gloves

As the temperatures drop, a good pair of running gloves becomes an essential accessory for a dedicated runner. This pair from Tracksmith gets rave reviews. And just in time for holiday gifting, there are new colors from which to choose!

BUY NOW: $32.00.

19. Justice Spacer Running Belt

Another essential for comfortable outdoor running? A lightweight and highly functional belt to hold keys, snacks, water and more. The Justice Spacer running belt checks all those boxes. It’s thin and sleek, so it remains imperceptible through runs while offering easy access to nutrition and hydration.

luxury gift shop running

BUY NOW: $139.00.

Luxury Christmas Holiday Gift shop for Home Gym Equipment and Accessories

At-home workout equipment and accessories might be the best place to go all in on a major splurge-worthy gift. 

20. Revolution Balance Board

This exercise balance board is designed to improve stability, flexibility, reflexes, recovery speed, and of course, balance. It’s a great device for a full-body workout at home or outdoors.

BUY NOW: $189.95.

21. S’well Silver Lining Insulated Water Bottle

The S’well Silver Lining water bottle has a sleek minimalist design. It’s not all about style, though. It also features triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction to keep beverages colder or hotter. And a condensation-free exterior so the bottle doesn’t sweat.

holiday gift guide 2021 best in personal fitness

BUY NOW: $35.00.

22. Therabody’s RecoveryAir Prime

Give those legs the treatment they deserve after a tough workout. Therabody’s RecoveryAir Prime is the ultimate luxury gift for someone whose body needs some TLC after some tough training. Easy to use, the pneumatic compression system makes it accessible for anyone to experience a pressure massage. All you have to do is put them on, sit back, and relax while the Fast Flush Technology™ enables rapid recovery.

BUY NOW: $599.00.

23. Tangram Factory Smart Rope Led

Here’s an answer to the pressing question of what to buy as a holiday gift in fitness. A jump rope workout is a fantastic cardio and calorie-burning tactic. This smart weighted jump rope tracks jump count, calories burned, workout times, and interval training. It also keeps motivation high by unlocking fitness awards and allowing users to compete with friends.

holiday gift guide 2021 best in personal fitness

BUY NOW: $77.95.

Luxury Holiday Gift Shop: the Best in Outdoors and Fitness

That’s our luxury gift shop filled with the best holiday gifts for those who love fitness and the outdoors, including running, yoga, hiking, home gym equipment and more. Happy shopping. And happy holidays, dear reader.