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What are the Best New Books Coming in April 2019?

New month, new books! Book Light is our curated list of the titles we’re most excited about that are being published in the coming month. (We’ve also got a few thoughts on the perfect books to read in the month of April). Our intrepid team has been exploring the most-anticipated new books and here’s what we found. These are the new releases, and our picks for the best new books coming in April 2019.

chimamanda ngozi adichie and foundrae celebrate freedom

A new limited edition “Freedom of Expression” medallion from luxury jeweler Foundrae will directly benefit free speech and the protection of journalists. Crafted in combination with award-winning novelist and essayist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, all proceeds from the sale of the $3,950 pendant will benefit PEN America. We were invited to the gala celebration to launch this wonderful collaboration. Here are the highlights. #freedomofexpression

Did you know a Nordic Easter involves Crime Solving?

Easter is approaching, and with it come some unusual traditions around the world. For example, did you know a Nordic Easter involves crime solving? In Norway, it’s a beloved annual holiday activity. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen fills us in on the Easter Crime and the dark joy of Nordic Noir. And recommends the books and films to join in the fun of Nordic Easter crime fiction. Dark chocolate goes rather well with all of them, by the way. Watch your back, bunnies.

literary luxuries: the joy of the antiquarian book fair

The 59th annual edition of the New York Antiquarian Book Fair is underway this weekend at the cavernous Park Avenue Armory. It’s another beloved spring happening in the city. If you’ve never been you, you probably have questions: What’s on sale? Who goes? What’s it like? Is anything actually affordable? Dear reader, we went to the VIP Preview. And we’ve got answers to all those questions and more. Here’s what you need to know about the annual Antiquarian Book Fair in New York City. It’s one of our favorite literary luxuries.

The Perfect Books to Read in the Month of March

How can you quickly find the next great book to read? To lend a hand, every month we’ll share our Dandelion Chandelier Recommended Reads: books that we’ve personally read and loved – some brand new, and some published long ago. We’ve shared our top picks of 2018 and our most-anticipated new releases for 2019. In this edition: the perfect books to read in the month of March. We think these books best capture the mood of March. If you’re specifically looking for books perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, click here. Otherwise, read on.