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Best restaurants in art museums around the world

The Best Restaurants in Art Museums Around the World

If you ask us, two of the best experiences in life are a wonderful meal and a visit to a stunning art museum. Which made us wonder: is it possible to combine the two? Where can you go to find both fine food and fine art? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has rounded up a list of the best restaurants in art museums around the world. Because why choose, when you can have both?

best museum gift shops in the world

What are the Best Museum Gift Shops in the World?

Love visiting museums? Love to shop, too? You’d think that it would be really easy to combine these two delightful pastimes. But sadly, in many cases the iconic art museums of the world are sadly lacking when it comes to compelling retail stores and interesting merchandise for sale. For those who are inclined to imbibe deeply from the cups of both culture and commerce, our intrepid correspondent Jillian Tangen has tracked down the best museum gift shops in the world.