Month: April 2021

top cannabis brands and luxury CBD infused products 2021

7 Top Cannabis Brands and Best Luxury CBD Infused Products 2021

Even as the fog of the coronavirus pandemic begins to lift, many people are understandably still looking for ways to soothe and comfort themselves.  It has been a terribly rough 18 months for almost everyone. Small wonder that more and more luxury consumers are exploring products derived from hemp, commonly labeled as “hemp-derived CBD.” And there are several sleek new brands that cater to the tastes of the luxury market both literally and aesthetically. Our  correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the 7 top cannabis brands and best luxury CBD infused products to know about right now, including edibles, candies, chocolates, vape pens, and candles. If you’re of legal age in the right jurisdiction, read on.

COVID-19 quarantine practices and silver linings that made our lives better that we hope to continue.

10 COVID-19 Practices That Actually Made Our Lives Better

As more Americans are fully vaccinated and long-term quarantine and lockdown restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic finally ease, what have we learned? Were any of the changes we were forced to make during the COVID-19 Great Lockdown(s) actually good? Are there silver linings from this terrible time that we can hope to maintain as we re-emerge from our cocoons? Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum reflects on 10 COVID-19 practices that actually made our lives better and that we hope to continue as we collectively define what life in the New Normal will be.

Three of the best innovations in luxury retail in 2021 to lure shoppers back post COVID-19

3 Luxury Innovations to Lure Shoppers Back to Retail Stores

What will life look like after the coronavirus pandemic is over? Lots of big brains are pondering this pressing matter. In our little corner of the world, we’ve been debating the future of luxury post COVID-19. Specifically, the future of luxury retail shopping (which for some of us at least is a form of sport and entertainment that cannot be beat for sheer fun and stress relief).  Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has investigated the state of luxury shopping and retail, and she’s filed this report. Here are 3 of the best innovations that global luxury retailers are employing to lure shoppers back to their brick-and-mortar retail stores post COVID-19.