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Some of us are just not ready to be plant parents. Or even to tend to fresh flowers on a regular basis. We admit it: we don’t know what we’re doing, and we don’t have time to learn. But the idea of cheesy-looking fake florals makes us cringe. Is there a solution? What are the luxury faux flower and plant brands that actually look real? Our ace correspondent Jillian Tangen is sharing her curated list of the best artificial flowers and plants to add color and texture to your luxury home or office decor.

Can the best luxury faux flowers and plants actually look real?

If you’ve ever brought home flowers with intentions to fully care for them only to watch them wilt away a short while later, you’re not alone. 

We know first hand that maintaining floral arrangements is no small task – flowers are finicky things after all.  Thankfully however, it no longer has to be this way.  That’s because faux florals are back, and these days they look so realistic they might even fool a bumble bee.


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Forget what you’re thinking – artificial flowers can be totally believable and luxurious, too.  Long gone are the days of shiny plastic leaves and polyester petals that would never pass for the real deal even from across the room, let alone up close.  From individual stems to full, centerpiece worthy arrangements, today you will find countless iterations of hyper-realistic handcrafted fabric flowers made from silk and other natural elements.

the best luxury fake faux flowers plants and flower arrangements bouquets

What are the best luxury faux flowers, plants, flower arrangements and bouquets right now?

And with everything going on these days, almost no one has the time to find the exact size ice cube needed to water an orchid.  So, to help you brighten your home with as little maintenance possible, we’ve rounded up a dozen online retailers and brands that are carrying some of the most gorgeous faux flowers and plants available, including trendy finds like cheery citrus trees and silk succulents. 

the best luxury faux flowers and plants right now

Get ready to say goodbye to ever needing to wonder if you remembered to water your plants again.  Here’s where to head for the most luxurious faux florals and botanicals right now:

1. diane james

Masterfully handcrafted in her Connecticut studio, Diane James artificial flowers and plants have been a go-to source for A-list designers and discerning clients since 1998.  Most recently the brand collaborated with the luxe lifestyle shop Aerin for Aerin x Diane James. The “Make a Splash” arrangement features faux roses, peonies, ranunculus, and astilbe arranged in a tapered glass cylinder. 



BUY NOW $695.

2. abigail ahern

With an emphasis on wild varieties like cosmos and hops, the selection of fabric stems in Abigail Ahern‘s London shop will add a bit of boho to any arrangement.  You’ll find endless varieties including everything from creeping rosemary to ridiculously cute moss dog sculptures – a quirky Ahern signature.

BUY NOW $105.

3. pottery barn

Furniture and home good store Pottery Barn is another excellent place to shop for faux foliage. These handcrafted beauties are quite realistic and many include planters or vases.  They also carry less standard artificial options, like cacti, foxglove and even potted citrus trees ($99), too.

BUY NOW $35-59.


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4. horchow

Neiman Marcus’s home store subsidiary Horchow carries a number of luxury fabric floral and fauna brands from which to choose.  You find everything from a silk succulent arrangement ($495)  from T&C Floral Company to perfect pink peonies from renowned home decor brand John-Richard.

BUY NOW $475.

5. perigold

Established in 2017, Perigold provides luxury products across all styles and categories, from traditional furniture to modern lighting and decor.  Among their decor offerings are nearly 550 faux floral arrangements from 10 different brands.  One of our favorites is the simple Bougainvillea Hydrangea Floral Arrangement that won’t ever wilt or dry out.

BUY NOW $160.

6. terrain

For truly believable seasonal flowers like hellebores, dahlias and cherry blossoms Terrain is another great option. We love this faux pink ranunculus. The brand also now carries a number of iron options like magnolia stems ($38) that can be added to your outdoor garden as well.


BUY NOW $20 per stem.


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7. wyld home

The UK-based Wyld Home crafts highly realistic-looking flowers, with a selection that’s wide ranging including everything from blueberry stems ($20) to mauve feather eucalyptus sprays ($12). Our personal favorite, though, is this pink protea.

BUY NOW £20.

8. Mackenzie Childs

For something a little more whimsical there’s a colorful selection of faux floral options at Mackenzie Childs all infused with the brands signature painted check.  We love the subtle hint of this iconic pattern in their Courtly Check Cherry Blossom Spray.

BUY NOW $18.

9. afloral

At Afloral you’ll find everything from silk plants to handcrafted artificial outdoor plants and fig trees, as well as wedding garlands and succulents. They also sell silk flowers, artificial leaves and live plants, too.  Their Cream Fake Lilac Flower Bouquet ($28) would add a cheery and colorful addition to any home.

BUY NOW $28.


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10. vladimir kanevsky flowers

If money is no object, consider a handmade arrangement from  Vladimir Kanevsky Flowers.  These extraordinary blooms are made of porcelain with leaves and stems that are made of painted copper. Each bouquet is truly unique and breathtaking, and Kanevsky’s work was featured in an exhibit at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.  They’re works of art that you can bring home with you.

best luxury faux flowers and plants

BUY NOW $3,000 each.

11. The French Bee

Michael Hansen, owner of The French Bee, has traveled the globe amassing a collection of the finest botanicals in the industry. His is one of the best faux flower brands available right now, with exquisite hand-crafted lifelike arrangements made with impeccable precision and impressive attention to detail. For example, this 24″ faux fern makes a dramatic statement with no additional work on your part. 

best luxury faux flowers

BUY NOW $110.

12. One King’s Lane

This 71″ inch plume split-leaf plant from One King’s Lane is presented in a fiber cement vessel. It’s a clever way to add lasting greenery to your space without any of the upkeep.


best luxury faux plants and flowers

BUY NOW $995.

Can the best luxury faux flowers actually look real?

Those are our picks for the best faux flower brands right now. So what do you think?  Are you ready to give faux florals a go this summer?  Or are you sticking with the real deal We’re partial to a little of both.

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Jillian Tangen is the Head of Research at Dandelion Chandelier and a former Senior Research Analyst at McKinsey & Co and Analyst at Shearman & Sterling. She is an avid fan of Nordic design, having owned an independent lifestyle store and sales agency focused on emerging Scandinavian design. Jillian lives in New York and is married with three young children. She loves cross-country skiing, the New York Rangers, reading, travel and discovering new brands.

Jillian Tangen

Jillian is a lifestyle editor at Dandelion Chandelier covering topics like fashion, travel, entertainment and on occasion, even finance. She thinks there’s no such thing as having too many sweaters.