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New month, new opportunities!  What are the predictions for the month of March 2022 for every sign of the zodiac? As you launch into March, look to the stars and see how to win the month with surprising insights. Expert astrologer Remy Ramirez shares her predictions on what to expect this month for every sign of the zodiac in her May 2022 monthly horoscope and love guides.

expert astrologer shares May 2022 Monthly life and love Horoscope for every zodiac sign

What does the month of May 2022 have in store for you? Let’s look to the stars and see what surprising insights we can glean with the help of an expert astrologer.


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Expert astrologer Remy Ramirez shares her predictions on what to expect for each sign of the zodiac with life and love guidance this month in her May 2022 horoscopes.

Our expert astrologer shares predictions on what to expect in love and life with monthly horoscope for every zodiac sign for May 2022.

Our expert astrologer shares predictions on what to expect in love and life with monthly horoscope for every zodiac sign for May 2022.

1. TAURUS May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

On May 1, your planetary ruler, Venus, makes a sweet connection to powerful Pluto. This will help with networking and friendships but may also bring deep emotional conversations with loved ones.

The next day, Venus moves into Aries and your house of secrets, spirituality, and mental health, where it will stay until the 28th. Secret crushes, money coming in through spiritual work (tarot, astrology, etc.), a love based on spiritual connection, or establishing a value system around your mental health are just some of the possibilities now. On the 10th, Mercury reverses course in your house of income.

Double check all your payments and get any agreements about income in writing. This house also oversees personal values, and you may find that conversations are asking you to look back over what’s actually important to you. Whether you’ve been making too big a deal out of something or not speaking up for what you really want, this transit will help you course correct.

A Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th lights up your house of one-on-one partnerships (romantic, business, platonic, etc.). There appears to be a conflict or tension here that could change things very quickly. Luckily, there is help, and it lies in your house of career. Establishing healthy boundaries at work, creating strong foundations/structure in what you do, or working within a system (corporations, for example), will lead you through this.

If you’re able to tap into your tenacity, accountability, and self-love, you’ll be able to navigate these waters successfully. Be prepared for potential issues with relationships, money, or women & femme folks when Venus squares Pluto on May 27th. This one could bring emotional heaviness, so show up with honesty, boundaries, and a self-care regimen. The next day, Venus moves into Taurus, bringing its sweet gifts directly to you for the next few weeks.


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2. GEMINI May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

On the 6th, Mercury, your planetary ruler, makes a lovely connection to affectionate Venus from your sign. This is so nice! Money, close relationships, and connections to the women and femme folks in your life will all get a boost from this transit.

On the 10th, prepare for another Mercury retrograde. And because this one is happening in Gemini, your image, ego, or physical appearance might feel the impact most. This is definitely not a good time for haircuts/colors, plastic surgery/injections, or shopping for clothes. On the upside, it will offer an opportunity to review ways you’ve been presenting yourself or working with your ego; if something doesn’t feel right, you’ll be able to adjust accordingly.

Beyond that, get everything in writing, don’t buy electronics, and double check everything before you send it out. On the 16th, a Full Moon lunar eclipse lights up a tension between your house of work/health and your house mental health, secrets, spirituality (including witchy work like tarot and astrology), and hidden spaces like hospitals and prisons. Luckily, there is supportive astrology surrounding this eclipse. Look for resolutions in your publishing & broadcasting projects and overseas relationships—finding healthy boundaries, structure, and even corporate sponsorship (or other types of supportive systems), will provide answers now and can even help formalize or launch plans you’ve had in the works.

Just after the eclipse, the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, putting you in the spotlight for the next next month. And on the 30th, a New Moon in Gemini provides an opportunity for deep growth in a situation with a femme authority figure, your mother, women, money, or your personal values. Boundaries are hard now, but important. Invest in what brings you peace—not in what others expect from you.

3. CANCER May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

On May 5th, the Sun and Uranus will meet up in your house of friends and communities, bringing unexpected changes or outside-the-box experiences. Though this energy is great for getting outside of your routine, it may also feel unsettling or anxiety producing.

Not your favorite, Cancer, but in general, this is a great month for learning to go with the flow. Because just five days later on the 5th, Mercury retrograde kicks off in your house of mental health, the subconscious, and spirituality. There are wise and unwise ways of working with this transit. To utilize this energy best, reassess whether you’re showing up for your spirituality and mental health in ways that support you the most.

If you need to revisit issues from your past in order to move on from them, this transit is excellent for doing just that. Trying to reconnect with toxic people from your past is a temptation during this period, as is obsessing over people or situations that traumatized you. If you feel that old, familiar urge, catch yourself and redirect your energy before the feelings overwhelm you.

On the 16th, a Full Moon lunar eclipse is highlighting a tension between your houses of pleasure/children/creativity/ romance and friends/communities/the internet, and you could see an ending or change come about quickly here. There is a resolution to this tension, and it lies in your house of deep personal change, endings, and sexuality. This could look a multitude of ways—maybe you’ve had a crush on someone in your friend group or via the internet, and suddenly you decide to be intimate with each other.

Another possibility is that an issue with your child is creating tension within your community, and you abruptly decide to end your connection to the group as a result. Whatever the case, there are resources for you when you choose to focus on birthing what aligns with the best, healthiest, most honest version of yourself and letting the rest fall to the wayside as compost.

4. LEO May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Expect the unexpected on May 5th when your planetary ruler, the Sun, makes its annual conjunction to Uranus—this time in your house of career. Quick changes and powerful insights are likely, and using outside-the-box techniques in your work will bring the most benefit.

On the 10th, Mercury retrograde officially starts in your house of friends, communities, the internet and aspirations. There are benefits and challenges here. You may struggle your internet interactions or with groups you belong to—and may even decide to leave them. You might also question your aspirations or wonder if you should give up. If these should happen, just remember this transit, like everything, is temporary.

On the upside, this transit is great for reconnecting with friends or groups from your past, or dusting off an old dream and giving it another go. On the 16th, a Full Moon lunar eclipse is shaking things up between your home/family and your career, bringing quick endings or changes. It isn’t the most stable energy, but the good news is that there is support, and it lies in your house of one-on-one partnerships (spouses, business partners, best friends, etc.). Turn to the people you partner with or establish a new, committed partnership as a form of resolution.

Deep internal changes are your friend now—don’t be afraid to show up in ways that reflect the wisest, most evolved version of yourself. On the 19th, the Sun will trine Pluto, giving you increased power and control in your career sector. Schedule meetings as close to this day as possible.

5. VIRGO May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

On May 6th, your planetary ruler, Mercury, will sextile Venus from your house of career. Venus oversees our values and wealth, and you may find that a lucrative job opportunity comes up around this day, or a work project that reflects issues you really care about.

This is great as long as it doesn’t involve signing a contract because just five days later, Mercury retrograde kicks off in your house of career, causing miscommunications, arguments in the office, or a general sense that you’re not clear on how to move forward with your goals. There is an upside to this transit and a loophole to the contract policy.

Returning to an old job/career or picking up where you left off on a previously held goal will work in your favor, and if a company you’ve worked for before reaches out, you can sign a contract with confidence (after looking it over carefully). On the 16th, a Full Moon lunar eclipse is bringing quick endings or shifts to your house of communication/siblings and your house of education/international relationships/publishing & broadcasting. A conflict or tension here is at work—maybe a spat comes up with a sibling over your family’s overseas assets. Or a podcast or book you’ve been working on gets rejected by an editor.

Whatever the case, the astrology indicates a struggle along with support. For you, this support lies in the house of nose-to-the-grindstone work, health, and service commitments. That could look like going back to make deep edits to your transcript, or resolving the family spat by volunteering to take a more active role in the legal proceedings. Whatever the case, don’t give up—this eclipse may feel destabilizing, but it isn’t without its gifts.


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6. LIBRA May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Looking for love, Libra? On the 2nd, affectionate Venus enters your house of partnerships. This house is notoriously great for marriage and romantic partnerships—so if that’s on your radar, make a point to meet new people—but it’s also great for connecting with best friends and making money in your business partnerships.

On the 10th, Mercury retrograde kicks off in your house of publishing/broadcasting, international relationships, and education. If you’re in school, you may find the workload confusing or overwhelming, travel to new places could bring frustrating cancellations or delays, and books or podcasts you’ve been working on could see setbacks.

There are some upsides here. If you’re planning to go back to school, travel somewhere you’ve been before, or return to a publishing project you put down at some point, this is a great time. On the 16th, a Full Moon lunar eclipse is causing unexpected endings or changes. A conflict between your house of wealth/values and your house of other people’s money (loans, inheritances), sexuality, and endings/beginnings is at the crux of this tension. The good news is that the stars have helped map out a way forward, and for you, Libra, it’s pointing to your house of pleasure, children, true love, and expression. So for example, you may feel that you have to compromise your values in order to be included in a family member’s will, but committing to what you truly love will see you through to a resolution.

Another possibility is that you become worried you’ll have to lower your standards in order to be physically intimate with anyone, but at the last minute, you meet someone who checks all your boxes. Whatever the case, the astrology points to a struggle that comes equipped with resources to help you through. On the 27th, Venus square to Pluto is bringing painful conversations with loved ones. The balance between vulnerability and healthy boundaries will be important now.

7. SCORPIO May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Your ruling planet, Pluto, makes a beautiful connection to luck-bearing Jupiter on May 3rd, bringing abundance and opportunity. Flag this day if you’re looking for a good time to take meetings this month.

On the 10th, Mercury retrograde kicks off in your 8th house, a rather heavy and emotional sector of the zodiac. You may feel emotionally distant from others or take on a pessimistic view. This also wouldn’t be a good time for dealing with taxes, loans, or inheritances. The best way to use this energy is to slow down and go inward (journaling, therapy sessions, or time in nature will be helpful now). If you feel an urge to check in with an ex-lover or business partner, that’s actually favored at this time.

On the 16th, a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio is bringing major shifts or sudden endings, potentially to a conflict between your ego and your connection to a significant other, best friend, business partner, or to your idea of partnerships in general. Though eclipses can be shocking, this one comes with a support system built in. For you, answers lie in your home, family or childhood memories. In particular, this may have something to do with your father, or with committing to a new way of understanding what home and family mean—a way that involves structure, commitment, strong foundations, or even healthy boundaries.

On the 19th, Pluto and the Sun make a beautiful connection from your house of communication and siblings. Whatever conversations need to happen in your personal or professional life, this is a great time for it—just watch out for Mercury retrograde potentially causing misunderstandings (talking in person and asking if people have questions is a good way to navigate this energy). Watch out on the 27th, when relationship and money-ruling Venus and Pluto clash. If you can avoid taking on issues that involve these areas around this day, you’ll be better off for it.

8. SAGITTARIUS May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

More power to ya is right, Sag. On the 3rd, powerful Pluto will make a beautiful connection to your ruling planet, Jupiter, bringing you determination, control, ambition, and an air of mysterious irresistibility. A great time for important meetings!

On the 10th, Mercury retrograde will start rolling through your house of partnerships (romantic, platonic, business, etc.). This can be a tough time for your current partnerships—misunderstandings and arguments are likely now, and frenemies may resurface. You might find that any time you attempt balance, you’re thrown off. The way to work with this energy is to revisit what keeps you zen. Maybe what you need to maintain equilibrium is less yoga and more rage rooms (or the other way around—get curious). If you’re looking for partnership, this isn’t the best time. That said, reconnecting with previous partners to revisit what happened between you could bring healing now (just make sure you’re in it for the healing, not to fall victim to toxic behaviors).

On the 10th, Jupiter takes a big leap out of Pisces and into Aries, bringing abundance and exuberance to your house of health, work, and service-related duties (caring for a pet or family member, charity work, etc.). Prepare to see an uptick in opportunity in these arenas. A Full Moon lunar eclipse on the 16th is bringing shocks or sudden endings. This appears to be around a central conflict between your daily work or physical health, and your mental health, spiritual practice (including tarot, astrology, and other witchy mediums), or your subconscious desires. So for example, maybe your job is at odds with your mental health, or maybe you’ve been trying to start a podcast about tarot but haven’t made it happen.

Generally speaking, eclipses can be destabilizing, but this one is surrounded by supportive astrology. For you, this is showing up in your house of communication and siblings (maybe your sibling knows someone in the podcasting industry, or maybe you’ll receive news that a job better suited to your mental health needs has opened up). With Saturn in this house, taking on its helpful traits: structure, dedication, strong foundations, working within systems (like corporations, for example) and healthy boundaries will be helpful. Focus here for resolution to this conflict. On the 29th, Jupiter and Mars team up in Aries to give you power and the ability to take action on your work.

9. CAPRICORN May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

On May 10th, Mercury retrograde officially begins. This time, it will be transiting your house of health, work, and service-related duties (pets fall under this category, as does charity work, for example). Misunderstandings and arguments with co-workers or bosses are more likely during this time, and there’s a greater chance that you’ll overlook important details at the office. Health issues may emerge, and pets may experience setbacks of various kinds.

To work with this energy, give yourself extra time to double check your work projects, and avoid any stress that might exhaust your immune system. Returning to the familiar is helpful now (going back to a previous employer or health regimen, getting a pet again, or returning to a doctor you used to see, for example).

On the 16th, a Full Moon lunar eclipse is bringing sudden shifts or completions. There appears to be a conflict between your house of friends & communities/ audiences/higher aspirations and your house of children/expression/true love/ pleasure. Because both of these houses contain so much, this could look a myriad of ways. Maybe you have strong feelings for a person in your friend group but don’t want to disrupt the group dynamic. Or maybe you’ve been holding your tongue on your podcast or blog because you’re afraid of being misperceived by your audience. Maybe you feel that your career goals would prevent you from showing up for your children in the way you want.

Whatever the case, this eclipse comes on the heels of a square between your planetary ruler, Saturn, and the Sun, suggesting self-doubt or self-imposed rules are part of this dynamic. There is good news though. The astrology surrounding this eclipse is supportive and points to your 2nd house of money and standards as a place of resolution. Creating a strong foundation based on your core values (whatever those may be: honesty, loyalty, balance—you fill in the blank) is your path forward. Systems (like corporations), healthy boundaries, and routine will work to your favor, as will a focus on good habits around money. If you’re able to zero in on these solutions, this moon will be very helpful in creating new opportunities.


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10. AQUARIUS May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Your planetary ruler, Uranus, joins up with the Sun in your house of home and family on May 5th. You can expect shake-ups and new insights in this arena; lean into out-of-the-box resolutions to create the best results. On the 10th, Mercury retrograde kicks off in your house of children, expression, true love, and pleasure. Misunderstandings and arguments with children or lovers are possible, and creative projects and pleasure ventures could experience setbacks. There are positive ways to work with this energy. Looking back at moments where your own inner child was wounded will bring mental health benefits, as will discussing the past with your children or lover to see where you got off track in your relationship. Reconnecting with an old flame is favored now, as is returning to a hobby you used to enjoy. On the 16th, a Full Moon lunar eclipse is causing unforeseen endings and surprises. This is happening in your house of career and legacy, which appears to be at odds with your home or family in some way. Maybe you’re having to choose between career and family life, or maybe you’re realizing that the legacy you’ve left in your family is damaged in some way. The good news is that this eclipse points to a resolution, and for you, dear Aquarius, it appears that changes within yourself are a big part of this equation. Perhaps you need better boundaries at work or with your family, maybe you need to completely redefine the structures that give your life meaning, or maybe it’s time to redefine what “home” means to you. Working with your mental health, secrets, or spirituality will also benefit you now, as Saturn, ruler of your 12th house, is critical to this eclipse. This is the beginning of a new chapter, Aquarius, but it won’t happen all at once. You love a revolution, but remember that a small step forward is better than none at all.

11. PISCES May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Mercury retrograde officially begins on May 10th, stirring up issues in your house of home and family. You might experience pipes bursting, fuses blowing, or other annoying issues on your property. Misunderstandings and arguments with family members, roommates, or spouses is also likely during this transit. If you’re making improvements to your home, it’s best to wait till end of June. There are some gifts with this transit though. For example, going back to places you grew up or reconnecting with a relative would work in your favor. On the 15th, your planetary ruler, Neptune, makes a lovely connection to the Sun in your house of communication and siblings. This is especially good for you because just one day later, on the 16th, a Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio is bringing quick changes and sudden endings. This moon is highlighting a conflict between your house of international relationships/publishing & broadcasting/ education/life expansion and communication/siblings. This could look many different ways, like maybe your sibling doesn’t want you to move away from your family, or maybe you get difficult news about a podcast you’ve been working on. Whatever the case, the astrology indicates that for you, Pisces, help is available through your house of the subconscious, mental health, and spirituality (including the tarot and astrology). With Saturn in this house, the way through will involve structure, systems, dedication, healthy boundaries, routine, and/or your mentors. Maybe getting a new therapist or working with your current therapist will give you the answers you need, or maybe a session with a vetted psychic medium holds the key. On the 18th, Mars cuddles up to Neptune, bringing you motivation, ambition, and the power to make moves. Between the Neptune transit on the 15th and this one on the 18th, you have lots of supportive energy surrounding you as we enter eclipse season.

12. ARIES May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Feelin’ cute, Aries? On May 2nd, sweet and affectionate Venus enters your sign where it will bring its gifts until the 28th when it moves into Taurus. This is a great time for romance, money, and shopping sprees.

The 10th is a big day, too. Jupiter will join Venus on this day, moving out of Pisces and into Aries, where it will stay until October 28th. Jupiter is the bearer of abundance and luck. It blesses and amplifies whatever it touches, so you can expect an uptick in opportunity and fortune. Also on the 10th, Mercury Retrograde kicks off in your house of communication and siblings. Gossip gone wrong becomes likely with this transit, as do misunderstandings with emails, communication projects, technology, and siblings.

Set yourself up for success by giving yourself plenty of time to figure how to say what you want to say. On the upside, this transit does have its positive aspects. Reconnecting with a sibling you haven’t seen or talked to in a long time will work in your favor, as will picking up communication projects you left by the wayside.

On May 16th, a Full Moon lunar eclipse is bringing quick shifts or endings. This moon is zeroing in on a conflict or tension between your house of deep internal growth/sexuality/other people’s money (loans, taxes, inheritances, for example), and your house of wealth/personal values. This could look a handful of ways. Maybe you’re in a financial bind and haven’t been able to secure a loan or you’ve been wanting to be intimate with someone but doing so would go against your values in some way. Maybe you’re realizing that you’ve created a life based on a value system you don’t relate to anymore.

Whatever the case, this eclipse comes with rare astrology to help guide us through. For you, this lies in your house of friends/communities/ higher aspirations. With Saturn here, we’re looking at structures, boundaries, systems, and mentors. Is there a mentor in one of your communities who can help you with your situation? Perhaps crowdsourcing the funds you need would be the way to go. Or maybe structuring your values around your highest aspirations is the medicine you need.

On the 24th, your planetary ruler, Mars, enters Aries, giving you extra energy, ambition, and sex appeal, and on the 29th, it meets up with Jupiter in your sign, bringing one of the best days for you all year. Luck is on your side.

what to expect in love and life in May 2022

That’s what our expert astrologer has to say about what to expect in love and life: her monthly horoscope for every zodiac sign for May 2022. Have a great month, dear reader.

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Remy Ramirez is an astrologer, poet, essayist, pop-culture journalist, and editor. She has served as the resident astrologer for Nasty Gal, Dolls Kill, and Stitch Fix, her poems have been featured in The Southern Review and The Miscreant, her essays in Marie Claire and Cherry Bombe Mag, and her celebrity interviews in NYLON, BUST, and Tidal (where she is currently the executive editor). She lives in Sedona, AZ because the thrifting is good and so is the karaoke.