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Easter is approaching, and with it come some unusual traditions around the world. For example, did you know a Nordic Easter involves crime solving? In Norway, it’s a beloved annual holiday activity. So what are the best Easter crime books to read right now to welcome the season? We’ve curated a list of the best new and classic Nordic Noir books to curl up with this Easter. Just be sure to lock the door before you begin.

it’s Easter crime season!

Moody, dark, and usually set in the blustery landscape of winter, nobody does mystery and intrigue like the Scandinavians. Despite consistently ranking among the happiest places in the world, the countries of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland continue to churn out stories filled with mercurial characters, down-and-out detectives, and dark and twisty plot lines. Make no mistake, we’re hooked on page-turning Nordic Noirs.

Nordic Noir Easter crime books best for Easter 2023 t

15 new and classic Nordic Noir Easter crime books best for Easter 2024 to join the Norwegian holiday tradition.

Ready to dive in and enjoy a toe-curling thriller this Easter crime-solving season? These 15 books combine harsh climates with harsh crimes for stories that promise to keep you up all night reading.

15 best new and classic Nordic Noir books to read this Easter

1. Hidden in the Snow by Vivica Sten

Nordic Noir Easter crime books best for Easter 2023 t

In Hidden in the Snow ($8.79), the Swedish ski town Åre becomes the backdrop for a bone-chilling crime. Shortly after Stockholm police officer Hanna Ahlander retreats to her sister’s ski lodge for some much-needed comfort after both her personal and professional lives crash, the entire village is shaken by the sudden vanishing of a local teenage girl.

Hanna can’t help but investigate, and while searching for the missing person, she lands a job with the local police department. There she joins forces with Detective Inspector Daniel Lindskog, who has been tasked with finding the girl. Their only lead: a scarf in the snow.

BUY NOW – $8.79.

2. Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

Nordic Noir Easter crime books best for Easter 2023 t

Yrsa Sigurðardóttir is perhaps the most popular Icelandic Nordic Noir writer working today (And, rather surprisingly, she is also a well-known children’s book writer). The first in the Thora Gudmundsdottir series, Last Rituals ($8.89) opens with the body of a German graduate student found murdered and strange symbols carved into his chest.

Police waste no time in making an arrest, but the victim’s family isn’t convinced that the right man is in custody. They ask Thóra Gudmundsdóttir, an attorney, to investigate. It isn’t long before Thóra and her associate, Matthew Reich, uncover more about the murdered man’s obsessions. They start down a shocking and dangerous path.

BUY NOW – $8.89.

3. The Rabbit Factor Series by Antti Tuomainen

The Beaver Theory

No Noir list is complete without including Finnish author Antti Tuomainen.  This is the third book of the series and a must read!  In the Beaver Theory, Henri Koskinen believes in the power of common sense and order but that all changes when he moves in with painter Laura Helanto and her daughter.  Henry starts to blend in as the role of this blended family but is concerned about the process of how he runs the adventure park.  Will all of this be an issue and raise problems.

BUY NOW – $16.99.

4. Stigma by Jørn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger

Nordic Noir Easter crime books best for Easter 2023 t

The fourth book four in the Blix & Ramm series, Stigma ($16.97) by Jørn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger arrives on Kindle April 13th. Alexander Blix, a former Oslo police investigator, is convicted for avenging his daughter’s death. He now finds himself in a Norway high-security prison. Blix’s former colleagues meanwhile are on the hunt for the killer and the one lead they have brings them straight to Blix’s prison ward. One of Blix’s few visitors, journalist Emma Ramm, has become an ally and helps him connect the outside world and the one he now finds himself in.

And as he begins to piece things together, he identifies a woodland community in Norway where deeply scarred inhabitants foster deadly secrets. These secrets may be the unraveling of everyone involved.

BUY NOW – $16.97.

5. Cabin Fever by Alex Dahl

Nordic Noir Easter crime books best for Easter 2023 t

In Cabin Fever ($13.59), Kristina is a successful Oslo therapist whose client begs her to join her at a remote cabin, deep in the heart of a Norwegian forest.

Throw in some mid-winter darkness, the chilling cold, and an ill-thought-out trek into the isolated wilderness and, well, it’s safe to say that what happens next is no teddy bears picnic.

BUY NOW – $13.59.

6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Chances are you might be familiar with the character Lisbeth Salander and the book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ($16.29). It might even be the O.G. of Easter crime books when it comes to global popularity. Thanks to the wild success of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series and the subsequent movies that followed, even people who haven’t read or seen it feel as if they have.

If you’re among those who have somehow missed or avoided the one up to now, consider this your second chance to get to know the world of one of the Nordic noir genre’s most captivating heroines, as she hacks her way through a forty-year-old missing person’s case together with the disgraced financial reporter Mikael Blomkvist.

BUY NOW – $16.29.

7. The Harry Holes Series

The latest book of the Harry Holes Series, Killing Moon ($17.99) is a great place to dive into this year. In this novel, two young women are missing, and the only similarity is the party that they both attended. When one woman is found murder, the police find and unusual signature by her body.  Does this mean the killer will strike again.

BUY NOW – $17.99

8. The Deathwatch Beetle by Kjell Eriksson

It’s been four years since Cecilia Karlsson vanished without a trace from the island of Gräsö. So when former police inspector Ann Lindell hears that she’s been seen alive, she cannot help but try to investigate.

The Deathwatch Beetle ($17.99) explores Sweden in the throes of change, much like the insect of the title, while exploring social class, family, and, above all else, how men treat women. Readers will be rewarded with a slow yet steady plot that builds to a rewarding climax.

BUY NOW – $17.99.

9. The Girl Who Died by Ragnar Jonasson

“Teacher wanted at the edge of the world”. So begins the ad that catches the eye of 30-year-old Una in The Girl Who Died ($12.39). Keen to get out of Reykjavík and start a new life for herself, Una moves to the remote village of Skálar with just 12 inhabitants to teach two young girls. Not long after her arrival tragedy strikes.

With the addition of sinister hostility from the locals, the dark, bleak landscapes, and some supernatural undertones, this is one creepy thriller that may have you keeping the lights on.

BUY NOW – $12.39.

10. We Know You Remember by Tove Alsterdal

Awarded Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year, We Know You Remember ($14.99) transports you to the Swedish countryside and into the life of Eira Sjödin. Eira Sjödin is a young detective investigating a suspicious death that resurrects long-forgotten nightmares of her childhood and hometown. Expect the unexpected.

BUY NOW – $14.99.

11. The Sandman by Lars Kepler

Don’t let the high page count of this book fool you. The Sandman ($13.89) is a fast-paced and action-packed thriller from the husband and wife team Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahndoril. It will keep you turning pages and possibly up all night.

The book opens with a young man who has been found malnourished and near death on a snowy railroad bridge near Stockholm. The police discover that he and his younger sister went missing almost 13 years ago. They have since then been presumed to be victims of Sweden’s most notorious serial killer, Jurek Walter. However, the young man explains that his sister is still alive and being held by someone he calls the Sandman.

BUY NOW – $13.89.

12. I’m Traveling Alone by Samuel Bjork

We finish our list of the best Easter crime books to read this season on a high note with a classic novel of the genre. I’m Traveling Alone ($20.41) is a chilling Nordic Noir fiction thriller centering on the hunt for a vengeful killer targeting children in Oslo. The novel follows Investigators Holger Munch and Mia Kruger, a brilliant detective with her own unnerving past, as they delve into the mystery of who done it, only to find that they might be closer to the killer than they originally thought. Like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the relationship between the two investigators is layered and complex, making the book extra enthralling.

BUY NOW – $20.41.

13. The Mermaid by Anki Edvinsson

The Mermaid ($16.99) will be released towards the end of March and is a must-read with the major question being – Could the prime suspect also be a victim? The body of a homeless man is found brutally beaten and at the exact same time a young immigrant is seen running around the vicinity of the body. Soon after, is not seen again until one day he is seen around town wearing an explosive vest.  Was he involved or is he also a victim?

PRE-ORDER – $16.99.

14. Ice Town by Will Dean

Ice Town ($11.99) will be released in November 2024 and is a must-read about a deaf teenager who goes missing in Esseberg. One problem: Esseberg lies on the other side of the tunnel.  At night, the tunnel closes, and the residents are left to defend for themselves. During this time, more people go missing, and it becomes clear that there is a killer among them.

PRE-ORDER – $11.99.

15. The Guests by Agnes Ravatn

The Guests ($16.99) will be released in August 2024 and is a must-read this year.  Karin and Kai, a married couple, are looking for a relaxing and peaceful escape from reality and decide to stay in a holiday home in Norway.  Everything is great, until Karin tells a little white lie to her new neighbor.

PRE-ORDER – $16.99.

15 new and classic Nordic Noir Books Best for Easter 2024

That’s it, our favorite cold-weather Nordic Noir Easter crime books to read this spring. The good news? After reading and watching one or more of these thrillers, you won’t feel weird about biting the head of that chocolate Easter bunny ever again. Happy reading!

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