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Our correspondent Meredith Lepore has curated a list of 5  iconic luxury fashion coffee table books to buy that are both entertaining and informative and also absolutely chic additions to your home. Consider adding one or more of these to your library in 2022. Trust us: from Dior to Thierry Mugler and Louis Vuitton – these oversized fashion coffee table books definitely stack up.

5 iconic luxury fashion coffee table books to add to your collection

The best coffee table books are transporting. They can take you jet-setting to St. Tropez, recalling a serene seascape memory from Capri or inspire fashion-forward thinking with a little help from Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton and Manfried Thierry Mugler.

Whether you leaf through their pages during a quiet moment – or show off their stylish spines on a floating shelf when you’re hosting a party- the right coffee table books double as both informative guides and chic accessories that signify taste and culture to anyone who sees them in your space. 


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For example, I am not sure when the exact moment was. But at some point I knew if I didn’t buy the Assouline coffee table book on Ibiza, my home décor would somehow be incomplete. I had to have this giant, hot pink book.

best new coffee table books about fashion spring 2022

These books from the luxury publisher Assouline are not only beautifully photographed. They also serve as decorative art in their own right (which in many cases is really all we want from coffee table books, anyway, right?)

One might even say the Assouline Travel Series books revolutionized the coffee table book industry. The series now includes more than 100 titles, including Gstaad Glam, which was published just in time for the start of ski season last fall. 


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New luxury coffee tables are being published all the time. So we’re here with an edit to help you find the few that are truly distinctive and worth the price. We think there are a handful of exquisite fashion coffee table books that you must add to your list. Here are our top picks for fashionable coffee table books that are indulgent, artistic and inspiring. 

5 iconic luxury fashion coffee table books to add to your collection in 2022

1. Miss Dior, A Story of Courage and Couture by Justine Picardie.


best new coffee table books about fashion spring 2022

Behind every great man, there is a great woman. And Christian Dior is no exception. The woman in this case was his sister, Catherine Dior. Miss Dior explores the femme Dior’s life which included surviving the Holocaust, fighting the French resistance, and, of course, influencing her brother and the incomparable House of Dior.  This is a book for any Dior-phile. Well, really, any true fashionphile. 

BUY NOW –  $30.88.

2. Manfried Thierry Mugler, Photographer by Thierry Mugler.

best new coffee table books about fashion spring 2022


The late, great and all-around iconic Thierry Mugler’s memory will forever be preserved in the pages of this spectacular celebration of the French designer’s life’s work. This book was released in 2020, before his tragic death on January 23, 2022. It features 208 brilliant pages that compile more than 150 photographs from the Mugler vault with inspirations from architecture, theater, Old Hollywood and futurism including previously unseen images. The book also gives readers a look at his travel journal-inspired text.

BUY NOW: $53.54.


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3. Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black by Naomi Parry.


It has been over a decade since Amy Winehouse died, but this book brings back her spirit, her talent and her amazing sense of style back through her lyrics, photographs, and costume fittings. Author Naimi Parry first met Winehouse when she was 19 and worked as her stylist but was also her friend. In addition to that iconic voice, Winehouse made an incredible impact on the fashion industry during her short but impactful life. “When it comes to fashion, I’m a bitch,” the singer once said. 

BUY NOW$20.49 

4. Louis Vuitton Manufactures.


This is the gift for any Louis Vuitton fanatic looking for a glimpse behind-the-seams. The stunning 400-page book features 350 photographs and provides a deep dive into how all those beautiful Louis Vuitton items are made in the Louis Vuitton’s ateliers in France, Geneva and their newest workshops in Texas. The book is an absolute work of art – drizzled in monograms LV print. It actually comes in two versions: a classic version and a collector’s edition that comes in a wooden case (but move fast as there are only 500 copies of this one.)

BUY NOW $98.50.


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5. Dior by John Galliano, 1997-2011.

fashion coffee table books

Finally, there’s another gorgeous book by Assouline that we highly recommend adding to your library. This is very different from the Dior book mentioned earlier. This one chronicles John Galliano’s epic career, including how controversial it was at the tine that a British man was appointed to run the iconic French design house. The book analyzes and explores each one of his collections for Dior from 1997 to 2011.  Some will definitely object that the book glasses over his anti-Semitic remarks and stint in rehab. Just know before you buy it that it really just focuses on his wonderful creations. Not on the man himself. 

BUY NOW $279.50.

5 iconic luxury fashion coffee table books to buy and add to your collection

To help you sort out the best from all of the clutter, that’s our list of 5 iconic luxury fashion coffee table books that are both informative and chic that you should buy and add to your library in 2022. What do you say, dear reader? What’s at the top of your list?

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Meredith Lepore is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire Magazine, Women’s Health, InStyle, Architectural Digest, The Observer, and Travel & Leisure. She earned her Masters in journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Meredith resides in New York full time, and enjoys reading, jogging, spinning, and playing with her small dog, Otis.

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