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Our round-up of 12 ideas and the best ingredients to buy for a haute hot cocoa dessert charcuterie board this winter, including premium chocolate, gourmet marshmallows and more.

essential hot cocoa ingredients for a holiday party charcuterie board

Without a doubt, 2021 has been the year of the charcuterie board. From Twitter to Tik Tok to even our own Mother’s Thanksgiving spread, people are on board with mixing artful displays of salami, contrasting cheeses, cut fruits and vegetables, nuts and olives. And we couldn’t love it more.

But as the temperatures drop there’s another board heating up social media platforms and bellies alike: the ever so sweet, hot cocoa charcuterie board. Because why stop at meats and cheeses? The skys the limit when it comes to creating a food board these days.

ideas and the best ingredients to buy for a haute hot cocoa dessert charcuterie board this winter, including premium chocolate, gourmet marshmallows and more.

ideas and the best ingredients to buy for a haute hot cocoa dessert charcuterie board this winter, including premium chocolate, gourmet marshmallows and more.

If you’re ready to turn your next charcuterie board into a winter treat extravaganza, with all of the add-ons, toppings and hot chocolate accouterments you could dream of, look no further. Here is everything you need to make a dazzling hot cocoa charcuterie platter.

hot cocoa Charcuterie Board Buys for a Fantastic Holiday Party

1. etúhome round mod charcuterie board

In building the perfect charcuterie platter, the first step, of course, is to find the perfect base. Since you may be bringing the joy outdoors, we think this Round Mod Charcuterie Board ($145) made of reclaimed wood by etúHOME is a great option.

hot cocoa charcuterie board

BUY NOW: $145.00.

2. angelina paris hot chocolate mix

You can’t make a hot chocolate charcuterie board without cocoa right? In addition to its delectable Mont-Blanc Pastry, Angelina Paris is also known for its famous l’African hot chocolate, made from three carefully selected kinds of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. Thankfully the patisserie ships a powdered Hot Chocolate Mix ($39) version that only requires the addition of hot milk or water.

hot cocoa charcuterie board

BUY NOW: $39.00.

3. stelton vacuum jug

Keep your milk (or water) hot and ready to pour over your hot chocolate mix in this timeless Stelton Vacuum Jug ($75).

hot cocoa charcuterie board

BUY NOW: $75.00.

4. terrain snowflake + berry mugs

Next up on the list are some festive mugs in which to enjoy the hot chocolate. You’ll want something that’s not too big, nor too small. We think these Snowflake + Berry Mugs ($21) that are handmade in Poland are just right for a cup of cocoa and some toppings.

hot cocoa charcuterie board

BUY NOW: $21.00.

5. wondermade christmas marshmallows set

Filled with whimsical flavors like Sugar Cookie, Peppermint Swirl, Gingerbread and Eggnog, the Christmas Marshmallows Set ($44) from Wondermade will offer guests plenty of fun options from which to choose. We’ll take one of each, please.

hot cocoa charcuterie board

Hot cocoa charcuterie boards including marshmallows. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW: $44.00.

6. william-sonoma isi gourmet cream whipper

We don’t know about you, but we don’t think hot chocolate is complete without a little dash of whipped cream. Just add heavy cream to the ISI Gourmet Cream Whipper ($160) from William Sonoma and you’ll have instant fluffy whipped cream to top off your treat.

BUY NOW: $160.00.

7. fancy sprinkles traditional trimmings set

Don’t stop at the whipped cream. Level up your board and cup with an assortment of holiday sprinkles in red, white and green. Fancy Sprinkles offers a wide variety of color seasonal color schemes, textures and playful names including this classic Traditional Trimmings Set ($33) filled with a pepperminty Evergreen, a green and gold option and classic red, green and white mix.

BUY NOW: $33.00.

8. li-lac chocolates chocolate peppermint bark

While you could go classic with adding some candy canes to your spread, we think it’s more fun to turn it up a notch with a little chopped up Chocolate Peppermint Bark ($30) from Li-Lac Chocolates.

BUY NOW: $30.00.

9. chocolate covered company perfect holiday belgian chocolate gift box

Since it’s the holidays we are talking about, what’s better than adding some cookies and chocolates into the mix? The Chocolate Covered Company’s Perfect Holiday Belgian Chocolate Gift Box ($102) has an excellent assortment of artisan crafted chocolate covered goodies like oreos, nutter butters, almonds and mini pretzels that are great for topping or dunking into cocoa.

BUY NOW:  $102.00.

10. hammonds peppermint stirrers

Sweeten your hot cocoa (or even a cup of coffee) with a hint of refreshing peppermint. These Peppermint Stirrers ($8) from Hammonds are porous so you can stir and sip while they dissolve and flavor your beverage. Plus they will look beautiful grouped around your platter.

BUY NOW: $8.00.

Best hot cocoa Charcuterie Dessert Board Buys

That’s our take on the best ideas and ingredients to buy for a show-stopping hot cocoa dessert charcuterie board right now, including premium chocolate, gourmet marshmallows and more. What do you say, dear reader? Are you ready to warm up with this playful take on the charcuterie trend?

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